San Francisco

Now that the MySQL Conference is finished I have spent the last two days in San Francisco. It’s a really great town and the weather has been fantastic but, man, those hills! Yesterday I wandered through China Town and up Telegraph Hill where I rode the elevator to the top of Coit Tower. Telegraph Hill

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New site

After five years, I have decided to consign the old site design to the archives and move over to WordPress. The old site worked ok but it wasn’t the easiest to update with new articles or pictures and until yesterday the RSS feed was updated manually by hand! It was as I was incorporating

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Virgin Media has bad service

Andrew’s been blogging about service lately and it made me think of an experience I had recently. My BT line is rubbish so I thought I would try cable. NTL had a deal where I could get broadband and a phone for £25 a month so I thought I would give them a go. My

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Yesterday was my graduation ceremony for my MSc in Computer Science. I got to wear a funny hat and there are pictures in the gallery. There are also pictures from the CCO recording and our trip to Paris with my mum and dad.


Google is gradually taking over my browser. At work we have switched our mail/calendar handling to Google which has encouraged me to look at what else Google has to offer. Bloglines was starting to annoy me, so I have switched to Google Reader for reading blogs. Andrew put me on to using Google Notebook for

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The waiting is finally over. I slept in this morning as I needed to recover from an all-nighter working at the colo on Thursday night and as I stumbled to the shower I saw the envelope from Birkbeck lying on the floor. After reading the first paragraph I did a little jump. Here is what

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Rome & Florence

So it’s been a couple of months since my last update. At that time I was up to my eyeballs in Java ME and mobile phones but thanks to some proof-reading from Andrew and some late nights from me I got my MSc project in on time. I also got my exam results which, if

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British Grand Prix

Kathryn got me a great present for my thirtieth birthday; tickets to the British Formula One Grand Prix. This was brilliantly timed for the week after my exams so Andrew and I took Friday off and spent three days at Silverstone It was a fantastic weekend. We had great tickets in the Club Silverstone grand

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Google Maps

I love Google Maps. So many clever people keep coming up with cool ideas for the API. This one shows what will be under water when sea levels rise. Looks like we’ll be ok at 7m but Kathryn’s office will have to move…