The problem with contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is great. It makes sense that if I am viewing a web page about cars it’s fairly likely I would be interested in advertisements for cars. Sometimes the algorithm gets it wrong, though. Or if not wrong at least a bit inappropriate. Today the Guardian ran an article about Steve Jobs’s unprecedented letter

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A new blog

I’ve decided to start another blog. It’s called and it’s about Formula One. Clearly I have too much time on my hands. I’ve started it because I’ve been looking for a good F1 blog to fill the long cold void between seasons and haven’t been that impressed with what I’ve found. The teams have

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Seeqpod is cool. Basically, it’s a music search engine and flash-based player. Apparently they don’t believe there are any copyright issues as they don’t host the tracks themselves but just link to them. It works really well. For example, I really like the music on this cool Sprint ad, so I loaded up seeqpod and

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An open ad network

There is an interesting article on Read/WriteWeb by Sean Ammirati called Google’s Potential Vulnerability – An Open Ad Network. In it, Sean suggets that, despite Google’s huge revenues, they could be vulnerable to the fact that 37% of that revenue comes from ads delivered on sites they don’t control. While they do have contracts with

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Google Maps

I love Google Maps. So many clever people keep coming up with cool ideas for the API. This one shows what will be under water when sea levels rise. Looks like we’ll be ok at 7m but Kathryn’s office will have to move…

Google Video

Where would we be without Google video? We’d certainly have fewer farting pig, awsome pen tricks and cool fighter plane videos to waste our time.

Old fashioned websites

Remember ten years ago the web used to be riddled with sites like this? Good to see there are still crappy home made web sites out there with lots of nasty tiled backgrounds and flashing animations.