I may never go to the moon, but it’s nice to know that if I do my Speedmaster will still keep ticking. I like watches. I particularly like watches that have some history or character about them. Watches that are designed for a purpose, not just to look good. Omega have released a new version

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You do not have permission

Miguel found this screenshot in an old email from when we were working on permissions and preferences in OpenX: The subject of the email was “Permissions & Settings: Learn From The Masters”

Piping Wired

Love how there is now a UK version of Wired?  Hate how it doesn’t have Scott Brown or Steven Levy? I do. I mean, Warren Ellis is great and all but I miss my favourite regular writers from US Wired. Well now I’ve finally found a use for Yahoo Pipes, that cool but strangely pointless

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The 2008 conference season is in full swing and I’m a little sad I couldn’t make it to the MySQL conference this year as I had a great time in 2007 – but not that sad because the reason is I’m going to JavaOne in May and don’t think I could have got approval for

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Old Computers

This site has some beautiful images of old computers including an amazing picture of a Cray CDC 6600 that seems to have huge glowing green eyes. This was the world’s fastest computer from 1964 to 1969 and looks like something from the set of Blake’s 7. They also have a picture of the Neiman Marcus

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I just found another good reason to like Zen ADSL. I logged into my customer portal and discovered that I can change the reverse mapping of my static IP address through a simple form on their website. I’ve been using Zen for years now and I can’t see myself changing in the near future. Certainly

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Unix humour

This guy has a great name for a sysadmin: Daley’s view was backed by Tim Chown, systems administrator for the University of Southampton’s school of electronics and computer science and a member of the UK’s IPv6 taskforce.

That new mac smell

You know how new cars always smell really nice? I don’t know why the fumes given off by all that new plastic and glue smell nice but they do. I imagine a new Ferrari with full leather interior would smell even better. The trouble is, no matter how clean you keep your car, that smell

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Mac Zealots

Apple have just released minor updates to the MacBook range. I only bought my MacBook a month ago so I guess I’m a little annoyed that I just missed the update but the upgrade isn’t really that significant; a slightly faster CPU and a bigger hard drive, basically. This guy, on the other hand, is

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