Piping Wired

Love how there is now a UK version of Wired?  Hate how it doesn’t have Scott Brown or Steven Levy?

I do.

I mean, Warren Ellis is great and all but I miss my favourite regular writers from US Wired.

Well now I’ve finally found a use for Yahoo Pipes, that cool but strangely pointless thing Yahoo built a couple of years ago.

Luckily Wired post all their magazine content online (an inferior format, unworthy of Wired’s awesome graphic design, but I’m not going to buy both editions of the magazine, especially as they share some of the feature articles) so I created a pipe to suck down the Wired RSS feed and filter it for articles by Scott Brown and Steven Levy.

Now I have the best of both worlds.

You can get an RSS version of the pipe here.

Image: Uwe Hermann

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