Old Computers

This site has some beautiful images of old computers including an amazing picture of a Cray CDC 6600 that seems to have huge glowing green eyes. This was the world’s fastest computer from 1964 to 1969 and looks like something from the set of Blake’s 7.

They also have a picture of the Neiman Marcus Kitchen Computer(!) from 1969. According to wikipedia:

It sold for $10,000, weighs over 100 pounds, and is used for storing recipes (but reading or entering these recipes would have been very difficult for the average cook as the only “user interface” was the binary front panel lights and switches). It had a built in cutting board and had a few recipes built in.

There is no evidence that any Honeywell Kitchen Computers were ever sold.

No shit.

Update: The images are from Mark Richards’s book Core Memory – A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers.

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