Google Video

Where would we be without Google video? We’d certainly have fewer farting pig, awsome pen tricks and cool fighter plane videos to waste our time.


Now that I have an iPod I have been getting into podcasting. Of course you don’t have to have an iPod to listen to podcasts but iTunes makes it all so easy. If only there was a linux version… Anyway a couple of my favourite podcasts are the Ricky Gervais Show – pant-wettingly funny –

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I decided to treat myself for going to the dentist today, so I bought some music from Bleep. This is a really great and unique music download site with lots of interesting music that is totally DRM free. That’s right, according to their FAQ: “We believe that most people like to be treated as customers

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Februrary 27 2006 was Mozart’s 250th birthday so we made the pilgrimage to his birthplace, Salzburg. Salzburg is a beautiful baroque town. In fact the Old Town is designated a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. We arrived at our hotel, the Auersperg, late on Sunday night. It was really a very nice hotel with

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A whale in Chelsea

A Northern bottle-nosed whale swam up the Thames on Friday and made it about as far as Battersea Bridge. This morning I went to have a look and I took some pictures. This is supposedly the first time a whale has been seen in the Thames since records began for this kind of thing but

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Old fashioned websites

Remember ten years ago the web used to be riddled with sites like this? Good to see there are still crappy home made web sites out there with lots of nasty tiled backgrounds and flashing animations.

CCO 10th anniversary

It was the Corinthian Chamber Orchestra’s 10th anniversary concert on Saturday night. It was a great concert with a full audience. The programme was: Mozart: Magic Flute Overture Elgar: Cello Concerto Beethoven: Symphony No 5 Richard Jenkinson performed the Elgar and we played the overture from Marriage of Figaro as an encore The concert was

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We hired a car last weekend and went for a drive. We went to Ightham Mote which is a fascinating 14th-century moated manor house in a hidden valley. Apparently its seclusion saved it from Cromwell’s soldiers who, intent on looting it, lost their way and ransacked another house instead. It eluded us for a while

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Rosie – 1992-2005

Our lovely dog Rosie died peacefully at the farm on Friday night. She had lived a happy life, her time split between the farm at Bordertown and home at Coromandel Valley. I remember when I first met her and her brother, Bluey. They were two little brown balls of fur. I don’t think the plan

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