The waiting is finally over. I slept in this morning as I needed to recover from an all-nighter working at the colo on Thursday night and as I stumbled to the shower I saw the envelope from Birkbeck lying on the floor. After reading the first paragraph I did a little jump. Here is what it says:

Dear Mr Keen,
I am happy to inform you that the Examination Board has recommended to the University that you be awarded the degree of MSc in Computer Science, with a Mark of Distinction. These are not commonly awarded and reflect your very high level of attainment in the examinations.

I’m pretty proud of myself. I know it sounds corny but for someone who didn’t even do any maths or science in year 12 to get a Distinction in an MSc proves that if you work really hard at something you can achieve what you might never have thought possible.

It took a lot of effort. Every step of the way I was always unsure whether I had what it takes. I didn’t know if I should even apply for the course, but I did; I didn’t know if I’d be accepted, but I was; I didn’t know if I could pass an exam, but I did with high marks.

It was really tiring. Studying part time while working full time was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Some terms I was out four nights a week and I learned how to get through the week on five hours sleep a night. This was hard on Kathryn too but she was always completely supportive and a great help to me.

My graduation ceremony is on 20 March. I wonder if will need to get one of those gowns…

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