British Grand Prix

Kathryn got me a great present for my thirtieth birthday; tickets to the British Formula One Grand Prix. This was brilliantly timed for the week after my exams so Andrew and I took Friday off and spent three days at Silverstone

It was a fantastic weekend. We had great tickets in the Club Silverstone grand stand at Becketts where we had a great view as the cars swept through the high speed S’s. The weather was really warm so we were very glad to be in the cool, breezy shade of the covered grand stand.

Directly behind Club Silverstone was the BMW Sauber Pit Lane Park. This was a little complex with stands about all the different aspects of the team. But the best bit was a tiny little track where a Formula BMW and a Formula 1 are put through their paces. They had to hose the track down to try to cool it because there was so much grip it was hard to get the wheels spinning. The heat also meant the cars could only be run for about 30 seconds or else they would overheat. The noise from a 750BHP V8 running at 19,000RPM just a few feet away was awesome.

Out on the track the GP2 races proved exciting as did the Historic Sports Car challenge which was comprised of about forty glorious old sports cars of the 60’s and 70’s.

The race itself was also great with Kimi starting well but seeming to lose pace after being jumped by Michael Schumacher during a pit stop.

I took about two hundred photos and I’ve put some of them in the gallery.

All in it was a top weekend!

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