Computer game promotional videos sure have changed in the last twenty years. Compare this promotional video for Police Quest II (with “Improved 3D graphics!”): with the trailer for the latest Metal Gear Solid game:

What’s left behind

When someone dies what do they leave behind? They continue to exist in the hearts and memories of those who knew and loved them but there are also physical reminders. Perhaps a gift that was given or a photograph that was taken. These take on an even greater importance than when they were alive and

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Alan Hazeldine

Our dear friend Alan died yesterday. After more than four years of continually surprising the medical profession he finally lost his battle with cancer. I first met Alan in 2000 after getting in touch through the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I was looking for a conducting teacher and we arranged to meet at

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Eames Lounge Chair

Dinosaurs and Robots posted a couple of great videos of Charles and Ray Eames being interviewed on the Arlene Francis “Home” show in 1956. Being the 1950’s, Ray is portrayed more as the supportive wife rather than the collaborating artist but they are fascinating to watch. I love the cinematic score that accompanies the unveiling

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Our good dog Bluey died today, aged sixteen years. He was a gentle, good natured dog with a deep interest in black socks. Like most dogs he also loved to eat, although when his sister was around he would only get what she allowed him. His most favourite food of all, however, was whatever you

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Alistair the Eagle

I always thought Alistair Darling looked like a Thunderbird, but today realised who those eyebrows really reminded me of: Sam the Eagle from the Muppets.

The messages of cities

Paul Graham has written an interesting essay on great cities and the messages they give out and why it is that a city should have such an effect on a person and their ambitions. No matter how determined you are, it’s hard not to be influenced by the people around you. It’s not so much

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Gafurjon's Sportswear, Tajikistan

I just received a notification that my first Kiva loan has been repaid! Kiva is a micro-lending website where you can make loans directly to entrepreneurs in the developing world. You can see who I am lending to on my Lender Page. It’s a great way to help people improve life for themselves and it

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