Snowed In

It started snowing yesterday and by the time we left to drive Matt to Heathrow it was coming down heavily.  It didn’t stop all night and in the morning London woke to a thick covering of snow.

It snowed all day today, too and thanks to the heaviest snow fall in two decades there was almost a foot of snow in parts of London.

The buses weren’t running and I wasn’t about to ride my bike through the snow so while Kathryn was able to walk to work I worked from home.

This was good because it meant I could wander over to Battersea Park at lunch time and see it transformed into a kind of Winter Wonderland.  There were people having snow fights, small dogs getting lost in deep snow drifts, and snow men of all shapes and sizes.

Of course we took loads of pictures.  Check them out in the gallery.

While the Prime Minister said “We are doing everything in our power to ensure services, road, rail and airports are open as quickly as possible”, I preferred Boris Johnson’s response.  Speaking from the wind-blown rooftop of the GLA, Boris showed the typical Londoner’s fortitude and ‘Blitz Spirit’ by cycling to work, congratulating “hardy drivers” who were braving the conditions and saying that heavy snow was not an excuse for a “mass skive”.

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