Poznan monumentI’ve been in Poznan this last week working with the guys in our Polish office. It’s been a lot of fun and tonight is the first night I’ve got back to the hotel before 10pm.

Monday night saw us drinking Żywiec at the Lizard King pub in the lovely Old Town Square or Stary Ryneck. The square is in the centre of the old town and apart from a couple of communist era cement monstrosities in the middle it is a beautifully colourful collection of Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

Tuesday was ice skating at Bogdanka before finishing up again in Stary Rynek where Radek unsuccessfully attempted to get me to try a bowl of flaki.

Poznan ice skatingLast night we played some pool after work before we all got together at the WZ restaurant for a meal. No amount of encouragement was going to get me to order golonka so I had pierogi which was very nice and seemed to be authentically Polish enough.

It’s been great fun working with and getting to know the Polish guys, and their friends and family, too.

There’s just one thing left. The famous Poznan goats make their appearance at midday so there should be just enough time to see them before my flight tomorrow!

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