Another Austral concert

I’ve decided to put on another Austral Sinfonietta concert. A break of nearly five years must be long enough to dull the memory of the stress and expense these things cause.

The concert is on September 6 and I’m at that scary stage where things have been booked, money has been paid but I’m still not 100% sure I’ll even have a full orchestra on the day.

All the previous concerts I’ve done have been at St Paul’s Covent Garden, mainly because they were so much cheaper than anywhere else in central London. Some time in the last few years they must have realised this and they have put their prices up. So the concert is going to be at St James’s on Piccadilly instead.

Actually, so far it seems to be a bit less stressful than before. Maybe this is because I’m older and wiser.

Or maybe it’s because Kathryn is doing most of the organising. 🙂

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