Bad customer service is everywhere

Guy Kawasaki blogs about how he was charged by AT&T for a DSL service he never ordered and had to go through customer service hell to try and get it canceled. His experience sounds familiar.

The iPhone is released in the States today and the only network it is available on is crappy AT&T. My mobile contract with T-Mobile is up for renewal soon and I’m holding off upgrading my phone until I hear about the iPhone release in the UK. But if for some reason it turns out it is only available on a Virgin contract then you can bet I won’t be touching it no matter how cool it is.

By the way, having had no response from Virgin Media about the £25 they owe me for a service they never provided I have filed a complaint with the Communications & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme. Maybe they have the secret Virgin Media customer service number that connects you to someone who has a clue.

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