So we went to New York

We went to New York again for Kathryn’s birthday. We’d been once before and seen most of the tourist sites. For Kathryn, this meant we could dedicate the trip to shopping.

Apart from spending money whenever we got the chance we also did some other cool things like visit the reopened Museum of Modern Art and chill out in Central Park on a hot day.

We also went to the coolest restaurant called Tao. This was an amazing experience. We had to book months in advance and even then we could only get a table for 6pm. When we arrived, the place was already packed. They gave us a little beeper that would let us know when our table was ready and we got some drinks in the bar.
The music was loud, the room was dark and there was a massive statue of Buddha in the restaurant section. The roof of the restaurant was draped with huge sheets of cloth painted with Japanese writing. It was like stepping into an episode of Sex and the City. I wasn’t sure if I was cool enough to be there.

The food was fantastic and the service excellent. It wasn’t that expensive either. In fact, we liked the place so much we bought the soundtrack. Seriously. Recommended.

Our hotel was another good find. It was the Hotel QT. It is a funky new hotel in a fantastic location, seconds from Times Square. It is relatively cheap by New York standards and it manages this by providing tiny rooms. They are excellently designed, however, to make maximum use of space and, really, if you are in New York and hanging out in your hotel, you’re wasting your time. Also recommended.

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