The hottest day on record

Today was officially the hottest day on record. It reached 31.8C (100.2F) in Kent. We have been praying for a cool change for a week now but it just seems to keep getting hotter. It turns out our little flat which is so hard to keep warm in the winter is like a little oven in 30 degree heat. So we try to cool things down at night by leaving the fan on and the windows open. Unfortunately this means we hear every bus drive past. Also, if we want to try to maximise the airflow by leaving the curtains open, the morning sunshine wakes us up at 4am. We just can’t win.

Kathryn upgraded her phone to a cool little Sony Ericsson T610 yesterday. It is cool. It has a camera and everything. In fact Mark and I thought it was so cool we got a couple for ourselves today. The trouble is they look almost identical…

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