We're back!

After the server crashed it seemed as good a time as any to redesign the site. So after many long hours at the keyboard, this is the result; the all-singing, all-dancing, object-oriented, dynamically created website. I know you don’t care about all that. You just want to know why it took so long to get back online and why the pages load so slowly now. Seriously though, I am spoiled by my broadband connection so if any sections of the site are painfully slow please let me know. Or better yet, get broadband installed. 🙂

I have had to rewrite almost every page of the site and reading over the last four years in fast-forward has been an interesting experience. It’s fun to notice the transition from the wide-eyed young Adelaide boy in the big city to the cynical Londoner you see before you now. In one entry I drop into St James’s on Piccadilly to see a lunchtime concert, little realising I would be performing there regularly in the future.

Perhaps one day my journal will become a great historical document like Pepys’s. Or perhaps it will vanish in a steaming pile of bits on a trashed hard drive. I have a cold at the moment and it seems to have put me in a reflective mood. Sorry.

Anyway, enjoy the site. More photos are coming, including our time in Malaysia.

I know, that was six months ago…

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