Surprise visit

Well, Matt should be landing in Cairo right about now. I hope he packed some sunscreen. I checked the weather: 37C. Yuck.

He was originally going to fly to Cairo from Algiers, but decided to swing by London when an earthquake changed his itinerary. Unbeknownst to me, he had been in contact with Kathryn and they had hatched a plan to surprise me on my birthday.

We had just returned from tea at the Ritz (photos here), an experience I thoroughly recommend, and as I walked through the door I was greeted by a voice which intoned, “Good evening.” Needless to say I was somewhat surprised.

That night we had dinner at Wagamama in Covent Garden. Matt paid for that. The next morning dawned bright and blue, and by a stroke of good fortune it was a bank holiday and I had the day off. So we went to Bluebird for breakfast, alfresco style. It was lovely. Matt paid for that too.

After a hard day’s shopping we had dinner at Pizza Express at the end of our street. Yum, pizza. Matt paid.

It was great timing, really. I had a few days off, as did Kathryn, it was my birthday and the weather was bloody marvellous. We had a great time and were sorry to see Matt go.

There are pictures in the London gallery.

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