Snow chaos

So shouted the headline from the Evening Standard seller’s stand I could see through the window of HMV.
Snow Chaos. Snow Chaos? This is indicative of the hyperbole employed by the tabloid press. And also the British pre-occupation with the weather. And also the inability of London to deal with any hint of snow. Or rain. Or falling leaves.

Today was cold, yes; about 1. It did snow, yes; I should know I rode through it at 8am – nice. But chaos? There was only the lightest sprinkle of snow, and as soon as it hit the ground it melted.

Let me quote a few salient comments:

  • High ground such as Wimbledon Hill and Hampstead Heath was hit particularly badly, with motorists careering wildly on skidpan roads.
  • Forecasters predicted that the cold snap would continue, probably into next week, with average temperatures between 0-3C (32-36F).

Motorists careering wildly on skidpan roads?

Average temperatures between 0-3C?

Russia is averaging about -20 and we are complaining about 0? That’s not even negative!

Here is another bit that made me laugh:

  • Treacherous roads were not the only problem facing those driving to work today. After a series of opportunist thefts, police warned motorists not to defrost cars by leaving them unattended with the engines running.

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