I managed to survive the hell that is retail at Christmas time in London; working long hours while my wife was enjoying business class flights to the ridiculously warm Antipodes.

My sister stopped by on her way to Zurich and seemed to bring a trace of the Aussie (well, Melbourne) weather with her. The Christmas period was unseasonably warm in London; temperatures maxed about 12 degrees. Very odd. We didn’t have much time together (what, with the jet-lag induced bouts of catatonia), but we did spend an enjoyable day exploring the Tardis-like Camden Market.

Kathryn returned to London in time to miss the warm weather and catch the pouring rain.

We went to see the new James Bond film – Die Another Day. I thought it was top. Some amazing driving scenes featuring an Aston Martin (equipped with invisibility) versus a Jaguar XK (equipped with missiles and stuff) – on ice! I was also interested to note the (excellent) sword fighting scene was shot inside the Reform Club. I wonder how many other moviegoers recognized the building from experience; I doubt many of the exclusive Pall Mall club’s members would go to a Bond film. 🙂

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