The second Austral concert

What are we doing? Well, the recent past has been mostly taken up with organising the second Austral Sinfonietta concert. Held at the same venue, it was, by all accounts, an improvement on the first one last year. The orchestra played extremely well (after a scarily small number of rehearsals) and the audience was at least double the previous figure.
So although the event turned out to be not so fiscally rewarding, I think it was money well spent. Next time I hope to break even… There is an MP3 of a bit of the concert at the orchestra’s shiny new website.

Speaking of new websites, my conducting site has changed address to Please have a look if you haven’t done so already, and don’t forget to update those favourites 🙂 The Austral Sinfonietta’s address has also changed – follow the link above. Thanks to Andrew for setting all this stuff up.

All this frantic London-side activity has meant that we have had to curtail our usual jet-setting lifestyle and so the farthest we have been, I think, is to Dorset. Another factor in our urban-centric habits is the small matter of our wedding later this year – and the large matter of how much these things cost. Every time Kathryn goes to Salisbury for a dress fitting she seems to come back with a considerably heavier credit card. Still , you only do it once and it did give me an excuse to buy a nice suit.

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