How not to buy a laptop

I’m back

Hmmm, where to start??? Most of you who I know will already have received an e-mail from me breifly explaining my absence. So much has happened since the last update in August (!) We have been to Venice Ireland and Scotland. We have moved house, I have started conducting lessons and Kathryn siniging lessons.

The aforementioned e-mail also contained my new postal address and phone numbers. If you don’t have them e-mail me. Also I have updated the streetmap link to reflect our new address.

In case you don’t know my computer broke and is only now fixed(?) Here is David’s guide to buying a laptop computer. It’s easy; there are only two points to remember:

1) Don’t buy a Compaq

2) Don’t buy anything from Microworld on Tottenham Court Rd

Follow my advice and you can’t go wrong.

I must sleep now, but rest assured I will update the site again within the next few days…

Before you go make sure you look at the photo of the week as it is new. Apart from that there isn’t much new stuff on the site. Yet…

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