Unix humour

This guy has a great name for a sysadmin: Daley’s view was backed by Tim Chown, systems administrator for the University of Southampton’s school of electronics and computer science and a member of the UK’s IPv6 taskforce.

That new mac smell

You know how new cars always smell really nice? I don’t know why the fumes given off by all that new plastic and glue smell nice but they do. I imagine a new Ferrari with full leather interior would smell even better. The trouble is, no matter how clean you keep your car, that smell

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Rannerdale Panorama

I used the cool Pandora plugin for the GIMP to make this panorama of a 360 degree view from the top of Rannerdale Knotts in the Lake District. Unfortunately it doesn’t work too well at a small size as the original is 16,654 pixels wide!

Lake District Long Weekend

Over the long weekend we drove up to the beautiful Lake District and stayed in the beautiful Southerdale Cottage. We managed to avoid the traditional lousy weather that London received and had great weather for a couple of walks from the really excellent Jarrold Short Walks book. We love walking in the Lake District. It’s

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An open ad network

There is an interesting article on Read/WriteWeb by Sean Ammirati called Google’s Potential Vulnerability – An Open Ad Network. In it, Sean suggets that, despite Google’s huge revenues, they could be vulnerable to the fact that 37% of that revenue comes from ads delivered on sites they don’t control. While they do have contracts with

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Gallery page

I finally figured out how to get a proper link to the gallery using the nifty Page Links To wordpress plugin. So if you hadn’t figured out how to get to the gallery before, check it out.

Mac Zealots

Apple have just released minor updates to the MacBook range. I only bought my MacBook a month ago so I guess I’m a little annoyed that I just missed the update but the upgrade isn’t really that significant; a slightly faster CPU and a bigger hard drive, basically. This guy, on the other hand, is

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Ever since I got back from the MySQL Users Conference in California I’ve been wondering how soon I could convince work to send me on another one. It seems every second post in my blogroll is about some conference or another. And it’s not just the cool conferences like JavaOne, either. I find myself reading

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I’ve managed to get gallery2 integrated into wordpress in at least a half-decent way. At the moment there is no dedicated link to the gallery but you can get there by clicking on the random picture displayed in the sidebar and then clicking your way around. I suppose you could also click on this link.

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Birkbeck MSc CS Prize

Man, I just keep surprising myself: ——– Original Message ——– Subject: MSc CS project prize Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 11:59:01 +0100 From: Szabolcs Gentlemen, As you may know, each year we choose the best MSc CS project. This year, your projects were shortlisted. Well done to all of you and congratulations to David for

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